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Why Morocco?
I have dreamed of Morocco for so long, with dynamic fragrant food, and majestic surroundings to colourful motifs at every turn. So the opportunity to visit was a clear yes even more so with a 10 month old baby, and why not?

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How did La Mamounia work with a baby? Do they have dedicated kids facilities?

La Mamounia was a safe bet for a crawling 10month old, with larger rooms than a riad. It was hard to know what to expect so having a safe and secure hotel to get our bearings was a great start. Check has to be my most dreaded part of a trip, it can be stressful with baggage a baby and juggling your documents normally fighting jet lag and feeling yucky from the flight, here we were seated in a peaceful area encompassed by the luxurious palace, while enjoying our welcome tea and dates. Riley was free to crawl safely on the rugs while taking in the space.


Our room was magical, fruit and delicacies, a safe and a beautiful balcony for Riley to explore, a large bath soothed our sleepy boy while we could relax.

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Although the hotel does not have dedicated facilities for children wasn’t appropriate. They offered children’s meals, high chairs, room cribs and the most affectionate staff.
Safety aspects of the hotel included a doctor/nurse.


The breakfast cannot be missed, an assortment of authentic dishes, matched with peppermint tea an for the little ones pancakes and fruit, I will be honest the omelette shouldn’t be missed!


What was it like taking Riley to Jemma El Fna and around the Souks?
Riley is a people person anyone who pays him attention receives his hand for shaking and a bright smile, so this meant a lot of stopping at the markets. Touching carpets, mesmerised by the lanterns and completely stunned by the snake charmers. He loved it. I carried him in a front pack – as he wasn’t walking at the time and a stroller seemed difficult to manoeuvre.We spent a few hours walking around, I felt as though having a baby people weren’t badgering us as much as other shoppers, the people welcomed us to take look at their products, buy as we liked and left freely. It was a very easy going experience.


A stop for fresh juice was a nice idea to cool off and watch the buzzing people.

Morocco isn’t seen as a particularly baby-friendly destination. Were there any challenges/surprises?

I think the surprise was how easy it was with a baby, e.g getting around, food and activities.
The only challenge was the heat, Riley didn’t seem too bothered by it but it was hot for us to carry him so we avoided the middle of the day and opted for indoor and gave him his naps then.
What were the three favourite things you did with Riley? (write about each in some detail)


1.We managed a spice tour, we stumbled upon this at the Jemma El Fenna, arranging to return the nest day for a detailed insight into the use and origin — Riley could enjoy this to by touching and seeing the different colours. His little fingers were covered in dyes from feeling the textures of the stones and gems.

2. Well as I said earlier I was here for the food, and we couldn’t leave without a cooking class to teach us more about the spices we had learnt about. Baby came along sat chewing on a lamb cutlet while we simmered away.,

3. Morocco is famed for its exotic gardens and we were lucky to enjoy La Mamounia’s grounds at our own free will. Boosting an array of fruit trees, fragrant flowers and prickly cactus, with a palace backdrop was a treat for us all.
Best restaurant?
We enjoyed our meal at El Fenn, a display of modern morocco. Riley played with the baby turtles, and paddled in the shallow pool to cool off while we awaited our meal and explored the roof top garden.

What did Morocco teach you/ What did it teach Riley?
Every destination leaves an imprint, with a baby we managed to achieve milestones this is sometimes a step or a new found fruit. Morocco taught us as parents to spend time in engaging with people from all walks of live and not to judge on first impressions. For Riley I am certain he has taken the same learnings, to accept others, he does this by being open and smiling at people who may dress, speak or look different to us.


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The crazy three nomads travelling the world, one baby step at a time :)

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