Spiltty Adventures

HWK9 (1 of 1)
Yorke Peninsula 
HWK15 (1 of 1)
Lucky Bay, Esperance WA



Read – Byron In Izzie Sunrise Byron Light (1 of 1)



Guess what! we bought a 1962 Volks Wagon Spilt Screen bus to adventure around Australia in for 12months. Presently she is located in Perth WA awaiting her ride to Queensland for a fit out before we embark on our big trip. We hope to show Riley around the country he was born in – experience camping in the outback,  swimming in warm waters of wategos beach and watching the kangaroos run in the Alice. This is the beginning of Riley’s Wonderful Australian Adventure.


See you on the road. Split sunset (1 of 1).JPG

Pooles x


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