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Is there someone or something that change your life dramatically? maybe a school teacher, a family member, a death or a relationship?
I remember my person vividly, she was brave, kind and happy. I loved my aunt she was the first person I lost and the first time I felt my heartbreak. I don’t think she knew how influential she was to me. I learnt her importance much later in life. Her passing impacted me, I remember so much of this day, coming home from school and witnessing my very strong grandmother in complete ruins, welled up in tears – they were the best of friends and in only a few short months she too had lost this vivacious woman she too loved.
Grief can act in so many ways and this woman somehow made me want to be better, she shone a light that connected with me. She shared her stories of travelling the world, she would grace my home with gifts, some from her visits away, travelling with her flight attendant daughter, it always amazed me, even if the gifts were as simple as a snow globe or a pair of funny hello kitty socks.
From these stories I grew an interest in the world, when I made it to San Fran I thought of her, after her tales of the large city.. She boosted me to become a flight attendant.
I loved my life as crew, I flew around the Pacific with some of the greatest people! enjoying cocktails at sunset in Fiji, kayaking in Vanuatu and fresh coconuts in Samoa – I made some rad memories with some wicked people I still today call friends. It was a very different way to see the world, working with different people from different backgrounds and consistently meeting new people from all over the world, I learnt about their cultures and backgrounds and it opened my eyes as I became more connected.

Nothing beats helping people see the world, my job helped me to attend overseas events and life milestones. I was able to fly family and friends away on my staff benefits – it was all so rewarding 🙂 I met my husband through my flying friends, very cliche pilot and flight attendant! but hey no different to Doctors and nurses right 😉



In 2014 my husband accepted a job in Japan, we were so excited to give expat life a go, experience a new world and embark on a new adventure together.
We spent four months planning, packing and saying our goodbyes, we had no expectations of Tokyo, we wanted the whole experience to take us by surprise and it sure as hell did!
Soon June arrived we packed up our house, put it up for lease, quit our current jobs, had farewell parties and cried at airports, before stepping onto the plane bound for Japan. Tokyo is the craziest megacity on the planet! we fell in love with the people, food and culture and we have now made it our home.
For two years we travelled as a pair chasing sunsets, beaches and tacos, GOD I love tacos! We spent our savings on lavish hotels, a wedding and a honeymoon! 🙂
Our carry on luggage was about to get heavier! November 2015 we discovered the grumbles in my tummy were in fact a little boy getting himself rather comfortable and causing some serious heartburn! Our honeymoon baby had an expected arrival of August 17th 2016, we were over the moon to say the least, wanting so badly to be parents!
During my pregnancy we continued to travel, I swapped processco for sparkling grape juice, ate panini’s and pasta in Italy, waddled along the cobbles of Santorini and floated in Croatia. Boy did he grow fast in those months!

Eventually, we had to get home and actually prepare for this boys arrival. Soon enough we were meeting our Riley, and that day we promised to show him the world! It’s unreal becoming parents, parents! sorry still sounds hilarious! We were instantly in love and trusted with a cute chubby milk monster! so hey, heres an idea lets get to know each other while we jump time zones, and have sleepless nights at 37,000ft!
Rileys passport has been collecting stamps since six weeks old and somehow we are at eight months! Jeez where has that time gone? & where is my tiny baby? Riley is happy and very observant, he loves people and really doesn’t mind who grabs his cheeks and squishes his thighs! I am sure he thinks his name is kawaii! He falls asleep to engine noise even at home in his own bed, definitely sharing dads passion already!
Our first flight was Sydney to Auckland nice and easy followed by a double flight to Port Douglas, Australia and then eventually we were flying home to Tokyo. Things seemed to go pretty smooth and thats when we built the courage to continue our adventures with a tiny person strapped to us. So here is our page about everything Riley & Traveling! our two most loved things in life.


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  1. Kirianna what a beautiful story, you have a real nac of story telling. Maybe kids story books or travel blogs for parents in the future?? ..much love to you 3 xx

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