One Year On – Meet Riley

Hi Im Riley, I am 12months and 10 days old.

This is our travelog.

I have been travelling around to some crazy places with these guys ↓↓↓↓↓ My folks. The past year we have been to 32 countries and on 82 plane rides – I don’t remember the flying part, I was fast asleep. We have visited some rad places and eaten some really good food – or sand, yeah it was definitely sand!

3ofus (1 of 1)
Family snap

I love the wiggles, that purple guy cracks me up!! I could watch him all day. I have 10 teeth! wow! I know right, it was a tough few months there, but mum helped me tough it out.

Im’a chocolate kinda guy, accompanied with warm milk incase you wanna drop by, — but after 10am I need my beauty sleep with mum, I love sleep.

I hit my goal weight of 12kgs after some serious carbo loading – pretty happy with the rig now and prefer to be clothe-less. Ive been working on my vocab, ya know keeping the folks happy, “Maa–m” is “mum, carry me” and “Dad!” “lets kick that ball around” they love when I clap my hands and give them a cheesy smile  – soooo easy to please.

I am a competitive crawler, racing those other kids at the playground – even racing mum to the power cords, one day ill beat her. Theres something mysterious about those cords! When I know more I’ll be sure to tell you all.

The other day I stood solo, the parents lost it. I think ill keep’em guessing about the steps for a little longer. I just had my birthday, mum made a serious chocolate cake and dad brought home a red car, its wicked. That’s me for now, mums calling for bath time so better go. Thanks for stopping by, come back sometime or follow our travel ride.

78 Plane Rides 28 Countries Dusted by 12months old
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