Byron Bay in Izzie

She made it! she was trucked and trained to Brisbane.

Sunrise Byron Light (1 of 1)
Main beach attracted lots of Kombi lovers, there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly pink sunrise.

What better start to our kombi cruise than a few stops in the surfy town of Byron Bay.

Dozens of kombis live here – yet lizzie still turned heads and picked up a few friends.

Though she isn’t ready for our big trip as she is about to have a kitchenette fit out in the Gold Coast. We were very eager to escape, so we booked The Bower at Byron and cruised around.

The days are pristine, steamy sun rays and warm waters invite arvo gin and soda, four pines beer and ice cream for the little tucker. Byron Bay is bursting with tourists, locals and regular coasties.

Main beach attracts solo artists softly playing to the sun bakers and knoll chillers – its a cool vibe and everyone is relaxed ASF.


The beachfront hotel famously acquired the likes of John Butler Trio finding a spot here is often a mission with an over flow of people all thinking the same – somehow the seat gods pull through and we nab a table 🙂

My husband could sit here for hours, reminiscing on his teen years with the fellas and even just enjoying the sun. This is his happy place forsure. Across the road is the main beach with a perfectly perched playground. Riley vanishes to the slide then onto the swing as if it is all about to come to an end. We decide to grab some take out sit here while he plays, enjoy the views and sunset – what a combination.

Now back to my dream land The Bower at Byron Hotel, decadent in shady lush palms, lux linen in the ex-motel style rooms and reflecting on the Bowery District New York mixed with the fibres of the beach. Its a complete daydream being here our room has compliments of four pines beer, tea perched coffee and snacks!! seriously who actually offers anything like this nowdays? Your lucky to get a bottle of water with you $250 a night room now, so forgive me for sounding like a kid in a candy shop with the cute extras in our room. Wait did I mention the Therapy Range room products!! actual body wash and shampoo we can use!


Baby is out after a bucket bath, while we sit in awe of our day.

We have travelled non-stop this past year and strangely we have felt the happiest and felt the luckiest in Australia.

Morning brings a new day to explore, dad was up for sunrise and returns home with coffees and granola – lucky wife! Riley is ready to run a football field so a play around the Bower makes for a happy baby. We strap in and cruise to Lennox Head lizzie humms baby to snooze. The windows are wide open and the sun is shinning. I cant find the words to explain this moment but I can say my heart was very happy.


As we pull up at the beach in Lennox Head, Riley still zonked – open the kombi up and set up a little area for the morning. Before he wakes we both lay in the sun listening to the waves, a tiny voice from the opened camper calls out. He’s up and ready to be free, he zooms around kicking his ball and playing.

Another day dusted and we have managed coffee at The Folk and a ride to the light house then another picnic at Watego’s beach — secretly hoping Chris Hemsworth would be casually swimming here.. no such luck.


Unexpectedly we spend our Christmas here but move hotels to The Lord At Byron, yet another gorgeous abode. Our morning is spent splashing in the pool and opening a few gifts before a Christmas picnic. The most carefree Christmas to date and it was perfect.

Our time closes and Izzie is back to the shop for her facelift and we are Tokyo bound. A short sweet trip that left our hearts warm and happy.

The Bower Byron Bay Hotel, was our home for two nights. A perfect location set on the outskirts of the main streets of Byron.

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