We began our great lap of Australia in our 1962 vintage spilt screen kombi.

Riley Dockatot 3 (1 of 1)

With limited space and a baby in tow our luggage required some great thought. Every piece of clothing and every cup and saucer was thoughtfully placed. Selecting the necessary baby items from the not so necessary wasn’t all that easy for an over the top packer like myself. Lachlan gave me a firm talking to and he was apprehensive with my most recent travel item due to its size. I was adamant, I wanted a product for our travels that gave Riley a sense of consistency especially during his sleep and would also help to transition him into a bigger bed later on. Riley was 13 months when we first introduced his Dockatot, seriously he gravitated to it! He loved lounging in it for story time or even play, we understand why too – its so soft and comfy!

Before we began our trip I wanted Riley to feel comfortable in the dock and immediately transitioned him into it for naps and bedtime sleeping. It was a hit!! His naps became longer and uninterrupted. This accessory quickly became one we loved and now swear we couldn’t live without.

We soon pack up and jump on our flight back to Australia – the grand sadly wasn’t allowed onboard but easily checked in as a cot free of charge.

We were happy to arrive, unpack and begin our adventure. Our First stop is Caloundra on the sunshine coast – Nanna’s unit located in a top family resort Oaks Oasis is the perfect place for Riley to unwind and enjoy after our long flight. The Dock becomes our perfect safe co-sleeper. Secured in his own little snug bed Riley sleeps soundly through the night, we are so pleased.


Over the next week we slowly make our way down the east coast of Queensland and New South Wales. We find a stunning campground Flash Camp just south of Sydney with kangaroos and Wallabies bouncing freely, Riley is mesmerised. He enjoys an outdoor campfire bath and after lounges in his dock as the sun fades behind the bushlands and drifts off to sleep. The best thing is we don’t even need to disturb him and can easily pick up the dock and place him in the tent without a stir.

We keep heading south into Victoria where each day is filled with amazing sunrises and the morning rays streaming through the kombi kickstarting our days. We all fit perfectly with the dock as our co-sleeper.

But the best is yet to come, Tasmania! The free camping here is purely incredible. Nothing prepared us for the jaw dropping terrain and incredible beaches. We surf watch each afternoon and Riley naps with the breeze and sound of the ocean.

Our Dockatot is now well and truly a part of our most loved travel items that can encourage better sleeping, cot transitions and consistency with routine. Its a very well designed product and we can highly recommend it for every family. We just don’t know how we’re going to go once Riley grows out of it!

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