16 Days on the Road

Yuragyir Beach

Climbing out of bed, and slowly walking along the coastline, Riley is bouncing – he cannot believe he is at the beach soo early. A careful walk along the rocks until he reaches the sand where he discovers little rock pools to dip his toes in. He is glistening in the light and in seconds he is entirely soaked, but full of happiness and joy.

Yuragyir Camping2Yuraygir National Park Breaks the ice, our first night camping in our Izzy. Perfectly nestled back from the beach in a small secluded area under the trees. Riley was safe and free to run a muck while dad stoked the fire and I cooked our first camp meal.

Flash Camp Coolendel couldn’t be missed after a treacherous drive along the dirt road we discover this tucked away site. Our large bell tent fitted out for a queen had me dreaming of Game of Thrones, and stories of King Henry at war. The facilities here were next to none. Hot showers and loos 100 meters away. A kitchen with dinning, personal fire pits with BBQ grills and a scrumptious bed. A week here with all your girls or family would be magic!

Betty (1 of 1)

The point of being on the road is to meet and make new friends, catch up with old friends and have dinners with family, something we have longed to do for so long. We are also lovers of wine and tea so it was a no brainer to stop in the South Coast at the majestic Cambewarra Estate for a tea party – (insert wine) with a fellow vintage lover Amanda and her gorgeous family inclusive of Betty The Sunliner  We were so warmly welcomed and so will you if you make the hike, don’t miss the high tea, her scones are sensational as is the tea.


We were so excited to explore Jervis Bay, having heard about their hectares of lux white beaches and the nature reserves for years. It doesn’t disappoint though the locals were annoyed by our presence and not afraid to say so too. We still enjoyed the laid back life eating breakfast at brunch and lunch in the late evening after strolls on the beach and warm salty swims.

Above shots are of Hyams Beach where we spent our mornings the soft waves serenading Riley to sleep.

Booderee National Park, The Green Patch, was good to us. A lovely interactive park with plenty of space good facilities and close to the white sandy beach.

Beach boxes (1 of 1)

Melbourne brought us the joy of family, Riley played for 4 days with his cousins – possibly terrorising them. We noticed a massive change in him after his time spent with the girls. He was calmer and although caring and loveable to us (mum and dad) he then extended his love to the girls. Each morning running into Ava”s room for a morning snug and chasing her to give her kisses. Soon we were bound for the Spirit Of Tasmania, not before a stop off at the famous 82′ Brighten Beach Boxes all individually owned and iconically painted to reflect each of the owners personality. We found a kombi box and couldn’t resist a snap.

Melb (1 of 1).jpg


We slept the entire way, departing at 6pm and dash for dinner and quick play in the kiddies room before we tucked ourselves away in our cabin for the night. The sways of the boat rocking us to sleep. 6am we are woken with a welcome announcement into Devonport, we each have a quick shower and dad makes a dash for a coffee before we make our way to the car to disembark.

Our early rise has us straight into sightseeing, completely blind with no plans we beeline for Launceston. Our drive delights us with pink skies against contrasting valleys of green. We are buzzing!!

Will & Bear (1 of 1)

Piermont cottages – After 5days of camping some civilisation called, the weather had turned and the washing was building. Our beach front cottage felt like heaven.

Nestled in an unspoilt bay in remote East Coast Tasmania, Piermont is a magnificent sanctuary with a vast wilderness and rich culture to explore. Here, time is marked by serene shifts in the pink of the granite mountains and can be spent at any pace—hiking across the rugged landscapes or savouring local delicacies. The retreat’s peaceful setting is paralleled only by the warmth and casual hospitality of the family who have run it for 25 years.

Kiri & Riles Beach (1 of 1)

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The crazy three nomads travelling the world, one baby step at a time :)

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