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My last blog left you in WA where Izzie was stored over 12months ago- can you believe it is 2020!

I haven’t written on here for a whole year, I have done loads of interviews and kinda felt like I had still been sharing our adventures with you. Shortly after our WA trip I fell pregnant from there life just speed by. We made many trips back to Western Australia exploring the area from top to bottom — honestly we loved it. 

Our hotspots were Denmark, Albany, Yallinup, Dunsbrough, Margaret River, Esperance and Busselton they were all so memorable and even now I feel like I was just there. We basically spent 2-3weeks in each town really enjoying ourselves. 

Margret River is a place that just kept on giving, wonderful food and exceptional wine and rolling with waves to surf – we honestly considered moving there.

Returning to the region 4 more times and really dug deep in all it had to offer. We swam all day, sometimes ate all day, it was lovely.

Esperance stole our hearts especially lucky bay’s furry beach friends, we passed through quickly when we first arrived to WA and knew it was a place that needed more time, we gladly returned after a work stint staying at the very sheik Esperance Chalet Village, a place I wish I could call home, if you are considering a trip to Esperance do not go past ECV.

So how did we do it you ask? Over 9 months of WA basically… we popped Izzie into a storage unit and flew home to Tokyo each month – back and forth until we were content with what we had seen. The weather cooled off we made our way further north. 

We had six weeks as I was in my last trimester of pregnancy, to get to Darwin, yikes! we made a dash to Rottnest Island first staying at the Destinations Eco Resort it is the perfect place to soak in the entire island, we bused around from beach to beach. Dinner was so special with views of the lighthouse and the most remarkable sunset, we slowly wondered back to our room and tucked Riley into his bunk bed for the night, I won’t lie — I had the best sleep in weeks the lush bed had a lot to do with it. We rose to a beautiful sunrise with picture perfect pinks tainting the sky, enjoyed breakfast then dragging our feet set off for the ferry to mainland Perth.

Arnhem (1 of 1)
Rottness Island

Our Perth departure was a slow one, prepping Izzie and mapping our days out — we planned to do the coastal drive to Cervantes. Visiting Nambung National park to see the interesting (Pinnacles Dessert) before setting up camp on the waters edge at the beekeepers conservation reserve.

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We spent the whole day here then moved onto Geraldton staying at our favourite spot Francois Peron National Park (Shark Bay) for three blissful nights. Our days were spent swimming and eating, really relaxing, at night the temperature dropped it was perfect for our pot belly fire. 

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Coral Bay greeted us with warm weather and crystal clear turquoise water, we were low on water and charge so parked into one of the beachfront campgrounds to boost Izzie’s power and fill up with water. A hot shower was a treat too. The place was packed, the beach full of tourists partying and playing volleyball it was still stunning and we were in the water quick smart, it was so clear and shallow you could see the fish dancing around each other at your feet. Monkey Mia was next staying at the RACQ Camping Grounds, their showers made me very happy and their locals the dolphins made all our hearts melt.

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After two nights we were ready to get back into the wild now en route for Exmouth, we loved the little town, meeting some really cool people everyone was friendly and keen to chat. Their lighthouse is the spot to be for sunset 360 of the water and town.

We camped out at Cape Range National Park — you must book ahead to stay here, it was difficult to get a spot and it was only available for two nights. You can however come in on day passes. 

I would recommend a week here, there is so much to see and do, the most pristine soft white beaches on diamond sparkling water it went for miles. I had a quick visit to the hospital after a bad night to find out expecting mothers are sent to Perth around 35 weeks I was 36 weeks — they checked me over and gave me the clear to head to Broome, with a stern word of limited camping. To make sure I was good to go we camped at a campground for two nights in town and enjoyed the local hangs loving the pizza, live music and play area at Whalebone Brewing Co. 

Soon enough we were on the road making a beeline for Karratha, we arrived really late and needed to leave really early so we booked into a unit to save setting up and packing down. Honestly the Best Western was amazing brand new, wonderful rooms and the best nights sleep in forever for us all, the rooms had kitchens but we cooked out on their BBQs they also had a pizza oven for your use. I wasn’t lying we were up at first light, the alarm clock went at 3am our aim was to be on the road by 4am, why? It’s cooler for us all including Izzie, Riley sleeps the whole way ready for the day once we arrive – and that is how we manage to see so many sunrises. It was helpful to have the unit we didn’t wake anyone while making coffee and breakfast in the early hours except the sound of Izzie starting — sorry if we woke you.

Bound for Broome stopping in at the Ramada Eco Beach Resort, this was under strict instructions from the Doctor to not camp. The road killed us it was red dirt, dusty and bumpy our old girl wasn’t enjoying, we arrived with glee happy to see the end of the road and stretch our legs, the pool was super inviting too. Our eco tent was simple and very innovative, we loved it and especially loved freddie the bathroom frog. A lovely dinner later from the restaurant and an early night. 

Broome was calling, we weren’t far and it was hot, we hit the road early after breakfast of course, Gosh we loved Broome from the minute we drove into it, the feeling of this town in unexplainable. Relaxed, fun and pretty busy. I was checked over by the doctor here and told more rest the heat and small space wasn’t helping me and it was the day before my birthday so hello airconned room and a pamper day for my birthday – I spent the day in the Cable Beach Club which Riley and daddy played and swam at the beach, we meet up later in the afternoon for some mocktails, and a birthday dinner at Cable Bays waterfront restaurant, my second birthday on the road and it was magic. The next day we relaxed at the beach, ate locally and read our books before watching the camels along the beach as the sunset. Day 3 came far too quickly we had fun at the local markets explored more beaches and ate way too much.


We were on the road at 3am to Kunnunara, another exciting part of the trip, we booked a non-powered sight at Lake Argyle and boy were we excited, we were clear to camp again — yipeee. A stock up was needed so we creeped into the local town to get supplies before heading out 45kms to Lake Argyle. Our sight was awesome on the lower ground overlooking the incredible canon, we sparked up the potbelly and cooked our tacos while watching the sun turn the sky a magical pink. 

The facilities here were the best in the country — shower/toilet rooms were so clean, new and convenient. Each night a local band/singer entertained the crowd of campers it was a cool vibe, or hang out at the most picturesque pool famously photographed too. While here we trekked, swam and even flew. Kingfisher Tours welcomed us on an excursion to the Mitchel Plateau where we climbed waterfalls and came back on helicopters the experience was incredible and something I was so glad to have done. We loved El Questro to get here we hired a 4×4 as the old girl wouldn’t have made it along the rough roads. A highlight was the trek through Emma’s Gorge – I was a nice track for my 37 week belly. When we arrived a coffee was needed and brewed while Riley and I swam to cool off. By the time we made it back to the car we were all absolutely buggered but all felt very accomplished. 

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The following day we packed a prepped to the next big drive heading for Darwin, Darwin is as far as I can go and will be leaving Lock to drive the rest of the way due to my pregnancy.


We crossed the boarder into the Northern Territory at sunrise and buy it was special we couldn’t resist a stop to take it all in before our swim in Katherine Hot Springs. 

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We made it to Darwin by 4pm in time for sunset at Fannie Bay, a well deserved beer with fish and chips to celebrate. 

We hung around for a few days before it was time for Riley and I to fly home. 

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