Mother’s Day

As dad puts on his uniform and packs for work, we make an impulse decision to join him. He was heading to Bangkok for a few days and we thought why not follow? After scrambling together our bags, snacks and bottles, we too were packed and ready to race out the door.

We make the flight – just, and occupy the last seat onboard. My tired boy sleeps the entire flight – thank heavens – and meanwhile I snuggled into him and caught up on the last season of suits.

The lights flick on bright and the announcements begin, preparing the full plane load for landing. I am starving! Pad Thai I am coming for you… Dad, being the organised parent, has pre-booked a safe transfer for Riley and me. I was pretty nervous about hitting the crazy roads with my very precious boy. Soon enough we were all checked in, refreshed and ready to set off on a walk.

The hot buzzing city had Bub’s full attention. He barely blinked, watching the tuktuks whiz through the busy traffic, and loud taxis beeping their horns. We navigated through the crowded streets steaming with street food that dad is always keen to try – while mum and bub opt for an icy cool water and take a pass.

Dad takes us to his favourite haunts where we order the famous crab, beef satays, and of course chicken pad Thai. My tiny eater loves the satays 🙂 With full bellies and a big day out, we train back to our hotel in need of an afternoon cocktail for mum and dad, and a long snooze for Riley.

Day two arrives, and our bright boy wakes at a nice 8am – yay! a sleep in. After a crawl around and exploration of the hotel, we are ready for another day of fun and games.

Dad leads the three of us through the chaos, before it slows down and becomes quieter and calmer with a sneaky surprise for Mother’s Day. We are greeted at the ‘Mandarin Oriental Hotel’, led through the lavish hallways to a pure white, colonial-style atrium famously named the Authors’ Lounge. I can see why too – it is peaceful and calm.

It couldn’t be more of a perfect place. We indulged in champagne and the most delicious rendition of a high tea I have ever found, from the creative take on cucumber finger sandwiches and perfectly round fluffy scones to the delicate pianist playing sweetly.

High Tea3 (1 of 1)

Riley was stolen by the staff. They loved my chubby, smiley Bub and played with him happily. He was taken for his own tour around the beautifully polished grounds, and we could hear him giggling with the chef and wait staff 🙂

After the most decadent high tea, we walked along the riverside and watched the sunset while Riley sucked on fresh cold fruit, very much ready for his bath and bedtime story.

Day three was hard to top day two, but we were keen to give it a shot. We found a great soft playground in the Central Embassy Mall, and Riley loved rolling around and chasing the older children, while I recharged on a good coffee.

We were very much here to eat, and easily managed to fill ourselves up, enjoying the daylights out of yum cha at the award winning Din Tai Fung, while we waited for dad’s suit to be custom made.

Our quick trip was coming to an end, dad was ready to head back to work on day four, while Riley and I re-packed for a long trip to Sydney and onto the Cook Islands. A sleepy mummy and baby make their way to the airport and patiently wait for a long flight. We seriously score this time with a whole row of four, so the both of us could catch some sleep.





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