I recently read a discussion on the world schoolers Facebook page regarding items travelling families take away with them, and nifty ideas of how to reduce their load. This brings me to Riley’s jetpack, basically our life changing must haves!! We have already lost two bags, accidentally checked in nappies, brought chemist items in airports at extreme prices and made midnight dashes to the nearest supermarkets.

Jetlagged parents, loads of baggage and a baby don’t mix all that well, this was a quick lesson for Lock and I, and we soon learnt how to juggle with the help of Riley’s Jetpack it includes everything we may need while travelling and some extra comforts;

Mountain Buggy Rider Case, To date this is our ultimate fav product! We cannot sing enough praises to this creation! literally saves the hands and chiropractic bill check out our guest blog Mountain buggy
Medical Kit: Bepanthan baby rash cream, Nurofene baby Ibuprofen, Baby Panadol, Baby facewipes – not baby wipes, nappy bags, EuckyBear or baby Vicks (helps with ears on decent) bonjela, thermometer, Winddrops (gripe water) warm/cool gel pack, plasters and dressings, iodine, tweezers, betadine antiseptic, disposable chance mats. I also carry Eco Baby sleepy time bath, baby U Goats milk body wash and moisturiser and have washed Riley down in the plane toilets on flights over 10hrs
Stroller: We love our Stokke Cruisi, it is one of the bigger strollers on the market, which doesn’t seem logical for a travelling family; however we found the bassinet with mattress awesome for Riley to sleep in and get a good quality sleep while on the move and even found it safe and sound as a bassinet. We have now morfed into the upright seat – still reclines for a snooze and clicks forward for those can’t miss moments. We also purchased the travel bag for the stroller, heres were I stuff extra nappies and sometimes blankets.
Nappies galore: We have been caught in some countries with some seriously strange sizes and styles :/ I also once checked all the nappies in my big suitcase and frantically ran around the departures lounge searching, I did find individual packs of two for $7AUD I just about died – Riley was only 7weeks old and our flight was 9 hours long..Never did that again….Yet….. I carry the baby Swimming nappies too
FlyTOT, I recently purchased the FlyTot, a blow up cushion that fits between the seat in front and your seat making a bed, we loved the fact that Riley could play and not roll off his seat while we ate. Recently we flew SYD-DXB 14hours, I managed to lay on the fly tot next to Riley across the seats to feed it was amazing!
Swaddles, Blankets and clothing, We make sure Riley is comfortably dressed usually in his Bonds Pj’s, they are great for keeping him warm, they are so easy for nappy changes too with the feet zip. I generally change him into his pjs in the airport before boarding (way more room) I like to have two blankets one to lay him on and one to cover a swaddle or muslim for feeding and and spills.
Baby Bjorn: We have now been through two, as Riley grew out of the first one! So good for hikes and beach walks – Riley loves it!
Baby nursing pillow: This guy has been everywhere with us, and still is. Inflight it supports my arms to feed Riley is comfortable and awesome to sleep on inflight.


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The crazy three nomads travelling the world, one baby step at a time :)

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