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During the final weeks leading up to the impending arrival of our son Riley I started searching for travelling with a baby and the products that were nifty and useful while on the move.
Our journey begins as an ex-flight attendant and a pilot, in Sydney, Australia and takes our little family of now three to the hustle & bustle of Tokyo where we live part time. My husband works for a Japanese airline and while he is away working I am busy planning our next two week adventure.
Life in Tokyo is compact, fast and very exciting, so for us— we need to run a smooth operation, moving from train to plane and doing this with luggage can slow you down and become a very stressful time.
Travelling with a baby brings a whole new meaning to “travelling” and a massive juggling act. We are very comfortable with living out of a suitcase, but still felt a little nervous with our new baby in tow.
Lugging a baby in one arm and luggage in the other isn’t something that works simultaneously, especially when your baby starts to kick and scream. HELP

We have now been travelling with the Bagrider for the past three months, through five countries and 20 destinations and we are stoked with it!! The bag itself has so much space inside, with a hard case exterior it allows for waterproofing and stability to ride on. The click and lock mechanism wheel brace is not only cleaver and compact, it is super easy to operate, with the built in safety lock allowing the transformation from rolling case into a ride on case! I feel safe using the Bagrider with the padded buckle adjustable straps that secure wriggling babies in.
Riley glides along smoothly, sits stable and allows my hands to be free. If you are anything like me and often losing sight of where you have hidden your passport and documents when rocking up to the customs, the the handy back pocket will be of great use to you. I was surprised to find the BR swift to manoeuvre, I guess I expected it to have its own mind and roll away.
We use the Bagrider from check in all the way to the aircraft, this means we can check in our stroller and not have to rush to the boarding gate. Our little Riley is a heavy boy, there is only so far you can walk with a 11kg bubba before your arm goes numb, so save the back pain and the arm workout and roll bubs instead!
This is by far our most cherished travelling item, Riley loves it, We love it, its an amazing piece of kit and is built to last!Maldives MB (1 of 1)


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The crazy three nomads travelling the world, one baby step at a time :)

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